In the design phase:

  1. Develop a detailed design schedule and supervise its implementation.
  2. Review design in progress to assure constructability with minimal changes and fewer problems in the field.

During the bid process:

  1. Conduct pre-bid conferences to clarify the project's needs and assure responsive bids.
  2. Assure that all bid documents are clear and all questions are answered.
  3. Help you evaluate and compare bids.
  4. Recommend bidders for contract award.

While the construction is underway:

  1. Assure that all contractors, subcontractors and other participants fully understand the project's design and requirements at every stage.
  2. Deliver timely and clear reports to you concerning construction progress, milestones and other elements.
  3. Manage the change order process for maximum effectiveness while minimizing delay and costs.
  4. Monitor the construction process to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early and keep the works flowing.
  5. Assure that the contractor provides a safe workplace, both for project workers and for individuals who continue to use the facility during construction.
  6. Coordinate the final stages of construction, including contractor's punch list and similar tasks that must be completed before your project is closed out.

We are ready to be your building structure designer and also as your project site supervisor. Our work experience shapes the vision of the ultimate reliable building structure. Building structure design to be prepared with drawing including details drawing and specifications based on architectural design, project site soil investigation etc as well as shop drawings aim to minimize field questions and expedite construction by providing complete details such as size, dimensions, shapes, plans, sections, elevations along with connection design and anchor-bolt systems. Building structure design refer to national building structural design codes. Please note: your building structure design is calculated using official and licensed computer software program.

The works on this field including calculations for quantity of civil works, architecture works, mechanical & electrical works based on structure, architecture and MEP drawing and tender documents as well as value engineering which is as an integral part of our services as your Quantity Surveyor (QS). We consider QS is a vital member of, and brings added value to, the design and construction team. To serve you, just as in any other, success is achieved by skill and cooperation. The skills of Tampison Partnership emanates from their training, experience and expertise in the field of construction costs, enabling them to perform duties combining the functions of an economist, an estimator and an accountant.